• Piscina B&B Alba

Salt water swimming pool

Relax and rejuvenate in our natural Environment

Nature and your well-being, a perfect combination. For those who dream of a stress-free holiday stay with us in our welcoming organic farmhouse stay. Here we are surrounded by the luscious green Piedmont countryside whilst being close to the historic city of Asti.
Our salt-water swimming pool has a large sun terrace, allowing you to relax while enjoying the view of the surrounding gentle hills.
The swimming pool is for the exclusive use of the guests of the rooms, not open to external visitors.
Treat your body and soul to a holiday where peace and tranquillity dominate.  Be one with nature and savour our local cuisine and way of life.

Piscina Piemonte
Piscina Piemonte
Piscina Piemonte
Piscina Piemonte

Salt water pools are safer than traditional pools, without the chlorine smell and without the possible side effects to sensitive people.
Softer on the skin and kinder to eyes and noses.

How does it work – We add salt to the pool water (about one tenth of the ocean salt levels). We then pump the water through an electric filtration system which through electrolysis cleans the water and eliminates any possible algae and bacteria.

The cycle repeats itself without the need for harsh chemicals and is a reflection of the natural ecosystem of the sea.
Our filtration system is powered by the sun with our photovoltaic systems. Just one more way we can be kinder to our environment.

Piscina Piemonte